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Sun + Oracle = SNORACLE


Microsoft unveils cloud-based operating system in India

The world’s largest software maker Microsoft on Monday made its cloud-based operating system commercially available for Indian users.  The computer power on Windows Azure, a cloud-based operating system hosted in Microsoft’s data centers, will be available at $0.12 on an hourly basis, while storage on Azure will cost enterprises $0.15 per GB on a monthly basis.

SHOCKING STORY--SAIN ( man of god)


Sain Mumtaz has the most extraordinary head – but what is causing its extreme growth and how Sain might be treated is a total mystery.
Sain was told as a child that he suffered from Proteus syndrome – the same condition as Joseph Merrick, the original Elephant Man. But Proteus is renowned for affecting only one side of the body, to the trained eye the symmetrical deformity of Sain’s face and skull suggests he is probably suffering from a different condition– but which of the many rare congenital dysmorphologies could it be?

Learn from the visionary at Tech Days 2010

Tech Days is your window to future-defining technology and there is no one who better epitomizes this than the father of Java technology, Dr. James Gosling. Visionary thinker. Revolutionary programmer. Maverick developer. Dr. Gosling wears many hats – each as prestigious as the other.